Internet Security

When i was much younger, I was really scared that my computer would get infected with virus and stopped working. However, in later years i realised that there are some ways to protect my computer from such attacks.

Installing an anti-virus software is really important. The system scans the files that you are downloading into your computer, and alerts you when viruses are detected in the process. From there, you can easily manage the virus, by either removing it , reporting it or via many other options. It’s a simple software for even users who not know know how to use computer well to use. Other than that, after being online for a long time, you tend to know how to detect suspicious files or links that may contain virus content. Sometimes while using various chatrooms, there tends to be a chat popping out where a “friend” asks you to open up a link. In the past, i could easily detect that it’s a fraud, simply because the “friends” involved are those that i hardly talk to, and by simply asking me to click on the link seems suspicious. However, i realise these chatroom viruses are getting more realistic when it comes to getting us to believe they are real chats with our friends. Before asking for anything, they would either start with “hey! how are you? =)” or “hey you there? =)”. However, the more we know our friends, or how people talk online, it gets easier telling genuine chats and viruses apart. Recently, I’ve even came across one that says ” Hey home yet? I’ve just reached home” and “Hey i’m bored wanna chat? =)” This “friend” appears everytime i go online and thus proves that it indeed is a virus. Who the hell will still “talk” to you after you’ve ignored “him” every single time?!

However, there was once my friends began tellling me i kept sending them scandalous messages and pictures online. Horrified, i had to explain it definitely wasn’t me. However, friends who were familiar with the internet knew that it wasn’t me all along and thus wasn’t bothered by the “chats”. Perhaps my account got hacked, or it simply was infected with virus.

I find that the more we get ourselves involved online, the easier it is to detect virus threats. Those who are new online are the most vulnerable to virus threats.


E-Marketing: How to make it a success

Obviously, I’ve no experience when it comes to doing business. However, I can give my 2cents worth from a customer point of view. At least, I know what makes me pay willingly ūüėČ

1. Find your niche in your arena to appeal to the rest

If your products are of a lower end brand, then let it be the cheapest among similar brands. Then, you can make a name for your products. If a customer goes for lower price, he would obviously go for the cheapest one. If other brands have a market for the general mass, then improvise the image or packaging that makes it way cuter or “higher-class” looking. Having ads that feature attractive looking products that appear on the web pages leaves an impression on the user. Be different, and people will notice.

2. Get influential online figures to endorse your product.

People who live on the internet relate better to others who are online too. Since e-marketing targets people who use the internet, getting online celebrities to endorse your product creates more reliability and garners more interest from the users. One popular example is to get famous celebrity bloggers to “share” about your products. People who like them would be interested to know what they say or write about your products even if they have no needs for it at all. From there on, persuasion becomes a powerful tool for people to actually want the products.

3. Create a hype

Give people something interesting to talk about, something different that creates an impression. Tipp-Ex has been rather successful with their advertising tactic. People had fun in getting themselves involved, though knowing it’s an advertisement. Because of its uniqueness, people actually cared to spread it by word of mouth by their own will.

Future Digital Classroom

Frankly speaking, I’ve absolute no idea what humans are capable of when it comes to technology. Yes, i do know about the robot Curiosity who was sent to outer space. It does not amaze me enough, because to me it’s just a robot. However, what really interests me is the technology we often see in movies. Like in superhero movies Batman The Dark Night Rises and Iron Man, they seem to have technologies that looked so realistic yet my gut feelings tell me they’re fake; scenes whereby an image is taken out of the computer literally using two fingers, and the 3-dimensional image forms outside the computer. Up till now, it amazes me, yet confuses me at the same time, for i can no longer tell¬†realism and special effects apart.

The technological advancement has been startling; even a technology fool like me could tell the world i lived in 5 years ago has been very different from the reality now. From a world whereby social media, internet platforms and other services that require computer access or face to face meetups, to a world where almost everything could be done readily at your fingertips via a phone that most people have. Thus , if the technology i described above has not yet been invented, perhaps it would not be too bewildering to expect it to happen in the near future.

In my future digital classroom, i would expect such technology to be available in most schools. Whatever the teacher shows on the screen or visualiser, it would happen in front of them in 3 dimensions just as the teacher “pulls” it out with her fingers. It can show how problems are solved, how science works, how things happen, etc. Perhaps then, papers and pens would not be required in the classroom, and it actually helps saves the Earth! Or the technology that allows people to work with just the brain- the brain thinks and the computer records, without even having to use one’s hands!

Technology is making what people seem impossible happen- or at least people who didn’t know technology. Let us pray that we would not become slaves or fall victim to it!

Social Media

I realise that social medium all provide similar purpose, but the degree of acceptance from the public can vary significantly. For example, a user will have preference over which social platform to post a particular information, and this is totally true for me. I would rather not post anything if i can’t post it on the more “suitable” platform.

Facebook is amazing; its interconnectivity allows you to find almost anyone on the net. This is TOTALLY true. Admit it; we’ve all used it to stalk targets of interest before. ūüėČ And then you’ll have almost everyone whom you’ve known your entire lifetime as your facebook “friend”. Yes, the word “friend” includes your family, relatives, acquaintances, good friends, employers, colleagues, and the list goes on. Frankly speaking, most are those whom you wouldn’t even acknowledge as friends in real life. Facebook strips us of our privacy – even the freedom to “accept” or “ignore” a friend request. Many a times, we accept “friend’s” request not because we want to be updated of their life’s events, but simply because we know they will know if we “ignore” their request. Thus, Facebook for me is a platform where i announce “meaningful” bits of my life that is really meant to be shared with the mass. Perhaps, another scenario i would like to avoid is, being scrutinised for every post i make. Some things are really not meant to be shared with “friends”. Ironically, it kind of defeats the purpose of facebook. Oh well, there’s too much pressure to actually post on facebook.

My favourites….TWITTER and INSTAGRAM!

I feel that more privacy is given to me when using these platforms, and i don’t even feel the need to lock it from public’s view! It’s more discreet, and out of so many micro posts it’s harder for people to notice every single one of your “mini-looking” post; except friends who really DO care about you. I get to share my happiness and joy without worrying that others might be thinking i’m “showing off”, and i can vent all my frustrations and despair without considering if others think i’m “seeking attention”. It’s where i can be myself without worrying what others think of me. AND, it’s so much harder for “friends” to locate you on these platforms unless they have your username or email address. Of course i know, that darn function that now allows users to synchronize their “friends” from various social medium. However, it sorts of amazes me that people seldom “select all” friends when it comes to following people on new platforms.So perhaps, do most people feel like me? Because we’re now given the option of selecting “friends” again, we only follow those whom we really want to follow?

Thus, the future of facebook worries me; not literally though. Haha. Facebook has increasingly become a business platform, making it less “personal”. So perhaps other than the “attention seekers” and the “showing-offs”, users are moving away from it…

Smartphones – A Curse or Blessing?

I’m not a technology geek, but in recent years i find myself having a greater reliance on technological products like smartphones and laptop. I couldn’t understand why would anyone queue for days just to get the newest iphone or consistently changing their iphone to the newest version when the difference in product is not that great. Until when i dropped my iphone into the drain today resulting in¬†it being unable to work, did i realise i¬†am handicapped without it.

All my contacts, my photos, my videos, my songs, my schedule, my important notes; bascially everything was gone. I could not contact my friends, i could not look at my schedule and i could not rmember the notes i had saved in my phone. These remind me of the point “convergence” lectured in class. Convergence is the movement of communication technology toward common digital formats that allow for interoperability between distinct services and applications. With our smartphones, we’re able to videochat, call or text one another because of this advancement in communication technology.And this convergence is also similar to how different technologies are incorporated into a single sleek phone. There’s no need for camera, no need for an ipod, neither do you need a game console or computer for web browsing. A smart phone can easily do the job.

After spoiling my iphone, i am trying to use another nokia smartphone Рless smarter than iphone; i still feel handicapped because it is not as powerful as an iphone. I never knew i had this obsession with having a highly capable device to sort out my life for me until i decided that i am going to join the crowd to queue for an iphone4s-the greatest iphone yet, or so they say. Because of the increasing capabilities of a smartphone, people place greater reliance on it day by day without realisng it.

In a smart phone, there are even applications that allow people to text each other without charges and the users have grown used to it talking to people anytime in the day or night. Such techonologies have increased the efficiency of communication and have vastly altered the way people communicate. Because of the efficiency of such devices, it is now torturous to be unable to chat with someone or to tell someone something because of the absense of such product.

Maybe everyone is a slave to techonology is some ways; either wanting the best or is simply over-reliant on it.

Rising Food Prices

I was browsing on Youtube trying to find a video for this blog post when i came upon this video “Rising Food Prices”. It shows the devastating number of people who are starving simply because food has become so expensive the poor cannot afford them. In this first world country we live in, we do have heard of rising food prices but they have minimum impact on our daily life because the increment is insignificant when compared to the salary we earn. However, to people already in poverty, it has serious consequences¬†in their life. According to the video, when you are poor, you are likely malnourished, sick, too weak to work or go to school. If you survive, you are lilkely to stay poor, especially if you’re a woman or child, and you become hungrier.

Although there is no verbal communication in this video, the music that portrays crisis in life and the huge fonts that summarise the message grab the attention of the audience and make them want to continue watching the video. Also, the message appeals to the emotion of the audience and is thus hard to forget. Although it is a simple and short video, i find the message deeply embedded into my heart then other mediums trying to convey the same message. In my opinion, it’s because the video is short, with wordings kept to the minimum, which makes it easier for the audience to understand.

Knowing how vulnerable people on the other side of the world are, it makes me feel so lucky and blessed that i am living in this first world country. Issues that we simply brush them off are issues that affect the survival of the poor. However, it makes one feel weak and helpless in the aspect of helping the poor, because there are simply too many who need help.

PETA’s Porn Website To Promote Vegetarian Message

I’m not a follower of PETA, but i do know of their bold methods used¬†to convey messages. Getting celebrities to strip and captioned “i’d rather go naked than wear fur” is what i remembered most about this organisation. I would say, it is a creative method, and by incorporating celebrities and physical attractions into the ad, it is indeed appealing to other women who aspire to be “superior” or “attractive” by wearing fur. However, by involving pornography into their projects, I really wonder if the morality of the objective still remains.

Have they gone too far with their antics? By using pornography for a good cause, they are in fact glorifying pornography. The problem isn’t solely about animal abuse or other related issues anymore; pornography is now another issue parallel to it. Perhaps their intended messages will be transmitted to the audience effectively, but the glory of pornography is also received by the audience too. It has now enable people to perceive topics or things that were in fact immoral or not upright to become “righteous” and “reasonable” as long as there is a good cause to back it up. That, i could not agree with or support. When goodwill is delievered at the expense of human morality, it leads the society¬†down a downward spiral. Animals are saved, yet humans are dehumanised at the same time. It no longer makes one wonder if it is worth it, but rather, is it alright in the first place?

The targeted audience is obvious, and that is people who watch pornography. However, if their intention is to “educate” people, why are the children supposedly excluded from this audience range? Or in fact, is it encouraging “all” to watch too?

I personally feel that PETA is going the wrong way with their advertising antics. I believe whatever they are doing is for a good cause, but their ads are getting more and more offensive and provocative. They have gone to such an extent that even pornography is utilised. It makes me wonder what will they do next to capture and attention of the audience. Perhaps they should come out with more interesting ideas to educate the young, as i believe it is more effective to teach the people since young so they will stay away from all these indirect forms of animal cruelty as they grow.

Instead of making the world a better place, i feel that¬†PETA¬†is in fact creating another type of “ideal” world where animals’ lives reign over human integrity and morality. I can’t help but believe PETA is as messed up¬†as people who support animal cruelty both directly or indirectly. PETA is not¬†educating the public about anti-cruelty to animals; it is teaching pornography.

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