What I’ve learnt in Com125

Com 125 has cleared my  misunderstanding when it comes to the difference in terminology and what different components actually do.

It has never occurred to me that there’re web 2.0 and 3.0. To me, it has always been the same. Now, i actually understand what they mean. Other confusing terminologies like “domain name” and “url” has been confusing me for i’ve always thought of them to be the same.

I’ve also learnt about the evolution of eBusines and eLearning, which i found interesting. eBusiness could even be useful to me in my future career especially if i want to start a business.

Most of the youths are computer literate even if not highly educated. Thus, many topics in this course are not unfamiliar to us. However, we get to consolidate what we have known with other facts taught and this helped us to deeply understand the internet and the statistics regarding it which we otherwise would not have known.

I’ve enjoyed this class! =)


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