Social Networking

In today’s society, one cannot do without social networking. If you tell someone you don’t have facebook account, I’m sure most would reply “huh?” or ask if you had twitter, instagram or google plus instead. Social networking is an integral part of our life. Via social networking, we get to follow up with the lives of those we matter to us, tag friends on photos, post messages on people’s wall, remembering to wish friends a “happy birthday” because facebook reminded us to, play interactive games with friends, share current affairs and so much more. It’s basically a platform for friendship to go beyond the real world, beyond phone calls, text messages and face to face meetup.

Many business corporations have noticed the interconnectivity and potential business opportunity on social media. Because almost everyone in this new generation has access to social media on computer or phone, basically everyone does social networking. Thus it becomes a platform for business corporation to expose their brand and product in the consumer world to gain brand recognition. However, whether it truely is effective depends on the amount of interest it garners in the user. In Singapore, i realise promotional food items always stir up a hype in the social media world. People seem to be easily attracted to food especially when they’re on discount. I guess we really do love food! =D

Social networking allows us to know more about our friends, maintain friendship, and make new friends! Because of the vast amount of information online, it could be that we are now knowing more than without the use of social media, assuming users are not educating themselves instead without the existence of social media.

I am excited about the future of social media!


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