I’ve not watched many Phone’s multimedia commercial before, but i’ve watched the iPhone4s one that amazed me. A mulitimedia conveys messages overtly and covertly. If it’s interesting, it definitely will leave an impression on  me.

One of iPhone4s’ major selling selling point was Siri – the software that allows you to do almost anything on the phone handsfree, just by speaking to the phone. It was amazing how the commercial featured the phone. They used people who looked intelligent, doing intelligent things with the phone just by communicating with it, showing the phone’s intelligent response, all just to present how smart the phone really is. And also, intelligent people need an intelligent phone to aide them in their daily life. I find, that is what the whole multimedia speaks of – intelligence.

The music that accompanies the commercial futher adds on to the message. Simple, casual, intelligent and has substance are what the music says.

The image, music, ambience and message form the whole multimedia, which is also exactly what multimedia is about.


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