Internet shaping Future of Journalism

As a saying goes, anyone could be a journalist in this new digital world. This sounds like to me, is already the future of journalism. In the past, before the flourish of blogging and other similar platforms, someone who writes was only considered a journalist if one writes for a recognised organisation. However now, anyone who writes and is recognised by readers is already a journalist. No need for education, no need for certificates.

I think, what we define as journalism may change. Since anyone can write, it becomes a competition of who is accepted by society. In some sense, it becomes fairer because news is not totally controlled and created by pro-profit organisations. When it becomes a common trait in society, all these non-organisational journalism may become mainstream news media.

However, there are negative sides to it. Assuming degree of freedom of speech doesn’t change, the government is going to spend more resources and time into eliminating articles that are malicious and unreliable in content. In a society where anyone can be a journalist, who is going to set the benchmark for the quality of article? With news coming from all platforms and directions, wouldn’t it confuse the reader in choosing what to believe in?

Internet is bringing all sorts of possibility into our lives. Before it goes out of control, perhaps we humans have the responsibility in deciding and judging what  is truely beneficial for the human race.


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