Internet Security

When i was much younger, I was really scared that my computer would get infected with virus and stopped working. However, in later years i realised that there are some ways to protect my computer from such attacks.

Installing an anti-virus software is really important. The system scans the files that you are downloading into your computer, and alerts you when viruses are detected in the process. From there, you can easily manage the virus, by either removing it , reporting it or via many other options. It’s a simple software for even users who not know know how to use computer well to use. Other than that, after being online for a long time, you tend to know how to detect suspicious files or links that may contain virus content. Sometimes while using various chatrooms, there tends to be a chat popping out where a “friend” asks you to open up a link. In the past, i could easily detect that it’s a fraud, simply because the “friends” involved are those that i hardly talk to, and by simply asking me to click on the link seems suspicious. However, i realise these chatroom viruses are getting more realistic when it comes to getting us to believe they are real chats with our friends. Before asking for anything, they would either start with “hey! how are you? =)” or “hey you there? =)”. However, the more we know our friends, or how people talk online, it gets easier telling genuine chats and viruses apart. Recently, I’ve even came across one that says ” Hey home yet? I’ve just reached home” and “Hey i’m bored wanna chat? =)” This “friend” appears everytime i go online and thus proves that it indeed is a virus. Who the hell will still “talk” to you after you’ve ignored “him” every single time?!

However, there was once my friends began tellling me i kept sending them scandalous messages and pictures online. Horrified, i had to explain it definitely wasn’t me. However, friends who were familiar with the internet knew that it wasn’t me all along and thus wasn’t bothered by the “chats”. Perhaps my account got hacked, or it simply was infected with virus.

I find that the more we get ourselves involved online, the easier it is to detect virus threats. Those who are new online are the most vulnerable to virus threats.


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