Internet – past, present

When i was younger, i was pretty much amazed by how intelligent internet is. I could never fathom how the internet could understand what i typed because it’s not a human! There’re so many things i could do on the internet – playing games, watching shows, social networking, finding information and so many more! However, not every home had a computer; needless to say, internet was not available in most of the homes too!

Now, more than 10 years since then, internet has been an integral part of my life. I surf the net literally 24 hours a day.While i’m asleep, while my computer is switched off, my phone is still surfing the net for me. I receive social media updates in real time, without even the need of me touching my phone. Basically almost anything can be done online. Paying bills,  ordering food, making money transaction, making restaurant reservation, shopping -basically EVERYTHING can be done just by touching the phone and computer when there’s internet. It’s AMAZING. If i had known how internet could be readily available and how much convenience it could bring into my life, I would definitely have been super excited about the progress of internet back in those years.

Well, at least now I am still waiting for more impossibilities to happen! When all things seems to be final, like how internet can bring new surprises no more, i believe something extraordinary will happen. One day.


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