Apathetic towards Politics

One of the reasons as to why youths are apathetic towards politics i could come up with is, people born in this generation are simply too blessed compared to the older generations. There is hardly anything or issues that we would want to stand up for, or to die for.

Yes, we complain about the government when things are not going our way. However, it has not affected us to the extent we WANT a change of government. Perhaps, we’ve been taking things for granted. We feel that comfort is a given, and it’s only natural for things to work our way.

Unlike our parents who have lived life the hard way, we have been protected and living in comfort zone even during the harder times. The older generation has so much more responsiblities. They need to support the family and give their children a better future. Thus, living to make money becomes a huge part of their lives.They are living the real world, unlike the younger generation who has yet left school or are contributing minimal to their parents while keeping the lion’s share of their salary for own expenses. Young generations live for themselves, and their future. Older generation live for the younger generation, and the generation’s future. Older generations got to protect the younger ones, and thus are concerned about who and how is the government going to take care of them.  Every action of the government has the potential to affect the livelihood of the people. We, the younger generation, have not been through wars or similar hardship like our parents. We have lesser concerns regarding the possibility of a failing government. Our lives are constantly improving, and we are given more opportunities in life.

We are too blessed to even consider there could be a point of time where we could lose all that we have. It’s just too unimaginable that government would collapse, country would lose its defense, and economy would crumble for good. Perhaps, that’s why we are like this today. Apathetic.


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