Social Media

I realise that social medium all provide similar purpose, but the degree of acceptance from the public can vary significantly. For example, a user will have preference over which social platform to post a particular information, and this is totally true for me. I would rather not post anything if i can’t post it on the more “suitable” platform.

Facebook is amazing; its interconnectivity allows you to find almost anyone on the net. This is TOTALLY true. Admit it; we’ve all used it to stalk targets of interest before. 😉 And then you’ll have almost everyone whom you’ve known your entire lifetime as your facebook “friend”. Yes, the word “friend” includes your family, relatives, acquaintances, good friends, employers, colleagues, and the list goes on. Frankly speaking, most are those whom you wouldn’t even acknowledge as friends in real life. Facebook strips us of our privacy – even the freedom to “accept” or “ignore” a friend request. Many a times, we accept “friend’s” request not because we want to be updated of their life’s events, but simply because we know they will know if we “ignore” their request. Thus, Facebook for me is a platform where i announce “meaningful” bits of my life that is really meant to be shared with the mass. Perhaps, another scenario i would like to avoid is, being scrutinised for every post i make. Some things are really not meant to be shared with “friends”. Ironically, it kind of defeats the purpose of facebook. Oh well, there’s too much pressure to actually post on facebook.

My favourites….TWITTER and INSTAGRAM!

I feel that more privacy is given to me when using these platforms, and i don’t even feel the need to lock it from public’s view! It’s more discreet, and out of so many micro posts it’s harder for people to notice every single one of your “mini-looking” post; except friends who really DO care about you. I get to share my happiness and joy without worrying that others might be thinking i’m “showing off”, and i can vent all my frustrations and despair without considering if others think i’m “seeking attention”. It’s where i can be myself without worrying what others think of me. AND, it’s so much harder for “friends” to locate you on these platforms unless they have your username or email address. Of course i know, that darn function that now allows users to synchronize their “friends” from various social medium. However, it sorts of amazes me that people seldom “select all” friends when it comes to following people on new platforms.So perhaps, do most people feel like me? Because we’re now given the option of selecting “friends” again, we only follow those whom we really want to follow?

Thus, the future of facebook worries me; not literally though. Haha. Facebook has increasingly become a business platform, making it less “personal”. So perhaps other than the “attention seekers” and the “showing-offs”, users are moving away from it…


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