Future Digital Classroom

Frankly speaking, I’ve absolute no idea what humans are capable of when it comes to technology. Yes, i do know about the robot Curiosity who was sent to outer space. It does not amaze me enough, because to me it’s just a robot. However, what really interests me is the technology we often see in movies. Like in superhero movies Batman The Dark Night Rises and Iron Man, they seem to have technologies that looked so realistic yet my gut feelings tell me they’re fake; scenes whereby an image is taken out of the computer literally using two fingers, and the 3-dimensional image forms outside the computer. Up till now, it amazes me, yet confuses me at the same time, for i can no longer tell realism and special effects apart.

The technological advancement has been startling; even a technology fool like me could tell the world i lived in 5 years ago has been very different from the reality now. From a world whereby social media, internet platforms and other services that require computer access or face to face meetups, to a world where almost everything could be done readily at your fingertips via a phone that most people have. Thus , if the technology i described above has not yet been invented, perhaps it would not be too bewildering to expect it to happen in the near future.

In my future digital classroom, i would expect such technology to be available in most schools. Whatever the teacher shows on the screen or visualiser, it would happen in front of them in 3 dimensions just as the teacher “pulls” it out with her fingers. It can show how problems are solved, how science works, how things happen, etc. Perhaps then, papers and pens would not be required in the classroom, and it actually helps saves the Earth! Or the technology that allows people to work with just the brain- the brain thinks and the computer records, without even having to use one’s hands!

Technology is making what people seem impossible happen- or at least people who didn’t know technology. Let us pray that we would not become slaves or fall victim to it!


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