E-Marketing: How to make it a success

Obviously, I’ve no experience when it comes to doing business. However, I can give my 2cents worth from a customer point of view. At least, I know what makes me pay willingly 😉

1. Find your niche in your arena to appeal to the rest

If your products are of a lower end brand, then let it be the cheapest among similar brands. Then, you can make a name for your products. If a customer goes for lower price, he would obviously go for the cheapest one. If other brands have a market for the general mass, then improvise the image or packaging that makes it way cuter or “higher-class” looking. Having ads that feature attractive looking products that appear on the web pages leaves an impression on the user. Be different, and people will notice.

2. Get influential online figures to endorse your product.

People who live on the internet relate better to others who are online too. Since e-marketing targets people who use the internet, getting online celebrities to endorse your product creates more reliability and garners more interest from the users. One popular example is to get famous celebrity bloggers to “share” about your products. People who like them would be interested to know what they say or write about your products even if they have no needs for it at all. From there on, persuasion becomes a powerful tool for people to actually want the products.

3. Create a hype

Give people something interesting to talk about, something different that creates an impression. Tipp-Ex has been rather successful with their advertising tactic. People had fun in getting themselves involved, though knowing it’s an advertisement. Because of its uniqueness, people actually cared to spread it by word of mouth by their own will.


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