What I’ve learnt in Com125

Com 125 has cleared my  misunderstanding when it comes to the difference in terminology and what different components actually do.

It has never occurred to me that there’re web 2.0 and 3.0. To me, it has always been the same. Now, i actually understand what they mean. Other confusing terminologies like “domain name” and “url” has been confusing me for i’ve always thought of them to be the same.

I’ve also learnt about the evolution of eBusines and eLearning, which i found interesting. eBusiness could even be useful to me in my future career especially if i want to start a business.

Most of the youths are computer literate even if not highly educated. Thus, many topics in this course are not unfamiliar to us. However, we get to consolidate what we have known with other facts taught and this helped us to deeply understand the internet and the statistics regarding it which we otherwise would not have known.

I’ve enjoyed this class! =)


Future of Internet

I think, Internet has met its peak. I mean, internet has basically given us everything we can think of and it seems there’s nothing else we can ask of it. I feel, we are now already living in the future of internet.

Refering to this article (http://sixrevisions.com/web-technology/6-predictions-for-the-future-of-the-internet/) dated back in 2009, I realise pretty much of the prediction of future of internet has already been accomplished in today’s world. Thus i really do feel there can be no more major innovation of the internet.

However, i am still waiting for something else to happen; something I’ve have not yet thought of that internet could do. And i wonder, what could it be.

Social Networking

In today’s society, one cannot do without social networking. If you tell someone you don’t have facebook account, I’m sure most would reply “huh?” or ask if you had twitter, instagram or google plus instead. Social networking is an integral part of our life. Via social networking, we get to follow up with the lives of those we matter to us, tag friends on photos, post messages on people’s wall, remembering to wish friends a “happy birthday” because facebook reminded us to, play interactive games with friends, share current affairs and so much more. It’s basically a platform for friendship to go beyond the real world, beyond phone calls, text messages and face to face meetup.

Many business corporations have noticed the interconnectivity and potential business opportunity on social media. Because almost everyone in this new generation has access to social media on computer or phone, basically everyone does social networking. Thus it becomes a platform for business corporation to expose their brand and product in the consumer world to gain brand recognition. However, whether it truely is effective depends on the amount of interest it garners in the user. In Singapore, i realise promotional food items always stir up a hype in the social media world. People seem to be easily attracted to food especially when they’re on discount. I guess we really do love food! =D

Social networking allows us to know more about our friends, maintain friendship, and make new friends! Because of the vast amount of information online, it could be that we are now knowing more than without the use of social media, assuming users are not educating themselves instead without the existence of social media.

I am excited about the future of social media!

Internet – past, present

When i was younger, i was pretty much amazed by how intelligent internet is. I could never fathom how the internet could understand what i typed because it’s not a human! There’re so many things i could do on the internet – playing games, watching shows, social networking, finding information and so many more! However, not every home had a computer; needless to say, internet was not available in most of the homes too!

Now, more than 10 years since then, internet has been an integral part of my life. I surf the net literally 24 hours a day.While i’m asleep, while my computer is switched off, my phone is still surfing the net for me. I receive social media updates in real time, without even the need of me touching my phone. Basically almost anything can be done online. Paying bills,  ordering food, making money transaction, making restaurant reservation, shopping -basically EVERYTHING can be done just by touching the phone and computer when there’s internet. It’s AMAZING. If i had known how internet could be readily available and how much convenience it could bring into my life, I would definitely have been super excited about the progress of internet back in those years.

Well, at least now I am still waiting for more impossibilities to happen! When all things seems to be final, like how internet can bring new surprises no more, i believe something extraordinary will happen. One day.

Internet shaping Future of Journalism

As a saying goes, anyone could be a journalist in this new digital world. This sounds like to me, is already the future of journalism. In the past, before the flourish of blogging and other similar platforms, someone who writes was only considered a journalist if one writes for a recognised organisation. However now, anyone who writes and is recognised by readers is already a journalist. No need for education, no need for certificates.

I think, what we define as journalism may change. Since anyone can write, it becomes a competition of who is accepted by society. In some sense, it becomes fairer because news is not totally controlled and created by pro-profit organisations. When it becomes a common trait in society, all these non-organisational journalism may become mainstream news media.

However, there are negative sides to it. Assuming degree of freedom of speech doesn’t change, the government is going to spend more resources and time into eliminating articles that are malicious and unreliable in content. In a society where anyone can be a journalist, who is going to set the benchmark for the quality of article? With news coming from all platforms and directions, wouldn’t it confuse the reader in choosing what to believe in?

Internet is bringing all sorts of possibility into our lives. Before it goes out of control, perhaps we humans have the responsibility in deciding and judging what  is truely beneficial for the human race.

Apathetic towards Politics

One of the reasons as to why youths are apathetic towards politics i could come up with is, people born in this generation are simply too blessed compared to the older generations. There is hardly anything or issues that we would want to stand up for, or to die for.

Yes, we complain about the government when things are not going our way. However, it has not affected us to the extent we WANT a change of government. Perhaps, we’ve been taking things for granted. We feel that comfort is a given, and it’s only natural for things to work our way.

Unlike our parents who have lived life the hard way, we have been protected and living in comfort zone even during the harder times. The older generation has so much more responsiblities. They need to support the family and give their children a better future. Thus, living to make money becomes a huge part of their lives.They are living the real world, unlike the younger generation who has yet left school or are contributing minimal to their parents while keeping the lion’s share of their salary for own expenses. Young generations live for themselves, and their future. Older generation live for the younger generation, and the generation’s future. Older generations got to protect the younger ones, and thus are concerned about who and how is the government going to take care of them.  Every action of the government has the potential to affect the livelihood of the people. We, the younger generation, have not been through wars or similar hardship like our parents. We have lesser concerns regarding the possibility of a failing government. Our lives are constantly improving, and we are given more opportunities in life.

We are too blessed to even consider there could be a point of time where we could lose all that we have. It’s just too unimaginable that government would collapse, country would lose its defense, and economy would crumble for good. Perhaps, that’s why we are like this today. Apathetic.


I’ve not watched many Phone’s multimedia commercial before, but i’ve watched the iPhone4s one that amazed me. A mulitimedia conveys messages overtly and covertly. If it’s interesting, it definitely will leave an impression on  me.

One of iPhone4s’ major selling selling point was Siri – the software that allows you to do almost anything on the phone handsfree, just by speaking to the phone. It was amazing how the commercial featured the phone. They used people who looked intelligent, doing intelligent things with the phone just by communicating with it, showing the phone’s intelligent response, all just to present how smart the phone really is. And also, intelligent people need an intelligent phone to aide them in their daily life. I find, that is what the whole multimedia speaks of – intelligence.

The music that accompanies the commercial futher adds on to the message. Simple, casual, intelligent and has substance are what the music says.

The image, music, ambience and message form the whole multimedia, which is also exactly what multimedia is about.