Smartphones – A Curse or Blessing?

I’m not a technology geek, but in recent years i find myself having a greater reliance on technological products like smartphones and laptop. I couldn’t understand why would anyone queue for days just to get the newest iphone or consistently changing their iphone to the newest version when the difference in product is not that great. Until when i dropped my iphone into the drain today resulting in it being unable to work, did i realise i am handicapped without it.

All my contacts, my photos, my videos, my songs, my schedule, my important notes; bascially everything was gone. I could not contact my friends, i could not look at my schedule and i could not rmember the notes i had saved in my phone. These remind me of the point “convergence” lectured in class. Convergence is the movement of communication technology toward common digital formats that allow for interoperability between distinct services and applications. With our smartphones, we’re able to videochat, call or text one another because of this advancement in communication technology.And this convergence is also similar to how different technologies are incorporated into a single sleek phone. There’s no need for camera, no need for an ipod, neither do you need a game console or computer for web browsing. A smart phone can easily do the job.

After spoiling my iphone, i am trying to use another nokia smartphone – less smarter than iphone; i still feel handicapped because it is not as powerful as an iphone. I never knew i had this obsession with having a highly capable device to sort out my life for me until i decided that i am going to join the crowd to queue for an iphone4s-the greatest iphone yet, or so they say. Because of the increasing capabilities of a smartphone, people place greater reliance on it day by day without realisng it.

In a smart phone, there are even applications that allow people to text each other without charges and the users have grown used to it talking to people anytime in the day or night. Such techonologies have increased the efficiency of communication and have vastly altered the way people communicate. Because of the efficiency of such devices, it is now torturous to be unable to chat with someone or to tell someone something because of the absense of such product.

Maybe everyone is a slave to techonology is some ways; either wanting the best or is simply over-reliant on it.


7 thoughts on “Smartphones – A Curse or Blessing?

  1. There are so many pros and cons to the smart Iphone. I believe it makes people to depend on their phones and on technology in general. If we lose our phones we lose all of our contacts and information, I remember a time when I was a child I remembered all of my friends and family members phone numbers. Another point I like to bring up is the smart phone is making people anti-social. Recently I went out to eat and I saw this couple eating in the same place but they were not talking to each other. They were on their smart phones playing with it for about 20 minutes. I find that to be so strange, that you are sitting next to someone you know and not say a single word the whole time and be on your phone. There are obvious positives of making life easier but maybe it is just making life a little too easy. Great article!!

  2. I really depend on my phone alot man. Because of these smartphones, we do not have to memorise so many contact numbers, we can jot down our to-do-list and so on. It makes life so much easier and the recent launch of the iphone 4s is even better. Technology is improving and people are totally relying on their smartphones .

  3. I am definitely someone who cannot live without my phone. I get irritated and annoyed and even a little insecure without my phone. Its weird but the attachment I have with my phone involves all the people I have on my contact list and how being away from it just scares me. In fact my friend has formed this theory about me that my happiness level is in direct correlation with the battery life on my phone. The lower it drops the more crabby I become. I have no idea what our generation is going to turn out to be with our over reliance on technology and social media platforms. I guess I can only say I AM IN LOVE WITH MY PHONE. Love this post!!~

  4. Haha interesting post 🙂 I must say, I am also quite reliant over my smart phone/laptop. I just HAVE to be connected to the internet. It’s quite crazy actually… drives me nuts when I’m overseas on vacation :p

  5. Yup i agree that we are all dependent on certain aspects of technology in one way or another. Take this comms blog for example, how the teacher is actually reliant on using technology in the form of New Media and the internet to access and grade the students. We certainly are all slaves to technology, and the only thing that differs is the extent of slavery to such technology.

  6. I feel that people now are too dependent on the smart phone and cant do anything without it. some may even buy a smart phone due to peer pressure so that he/she can be part of the group. As a nokia user myself, i feel that there are times that I am left out of the conversation as friends will be using their smart phones applications like whatsapp to communicate. Otherwise, they will be constantly using their phones and not have a face to face talk with the person sitting right in front of them. The smart phone has CHANGED the way people communicate now…. XD

  7. Even without smartphone, I couldn’t live without a basic phone to check on my messages. I’ve tried living without a phone after losing it for two months before, my friends went crazy because its so difficult to contact me and they persuaded me to get a new one asap. But I actually liked the feeling of solitary during these two months, without having people to look for me. But again, I still need a phone. So basically, in society now, everyone is stuck with technology!

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