Rising Food Prices

I was browsing on Youtube trying to find a video for this blog post when i came upon this video “Rising Food Prices”. It shows the devastating number of people who are starving simply because food has become so expensive the poor cannot afford them. In this first world country we live in, we do have heard of rising food prices but they have minimum impact on our daily life because the increment is insignificant when compared to the salary we earn. However, to people already in poverty, it has serious consequences in their life. According to the video, when you are poor, you are likely malnourished, sick, too weak to work or go to school. If you survive, you are lilkely to stay poor, especially if you’re a woman or child, and you become hungrier.

Although there is no verbal communication in this video, the music that portrays crisis in life and the huge fonts that summarise the message grab the attention of the audience and make them want to continue watching the video. Also, the message appeals to the emotion of the audience and is thus hard to forget. Although it is a simple and short video, i find the message deeply embedded into my heart then other mediums trying to convey the same message. In my opinion, it’s because the video is short, with wordings kept to the minimum, which makes it easier for the audience to understand.

Knowing how vulnerable people on the other side of the world are, it makes me feel so lucky and blessed that i am living in this first world country. Issues that we simply brush them off are issues that affect the survival of the poor. However, it makes one feel weak and helpless in the aspect of helping the poor, because there are simply too many who need help.


One thought on “Rising Food Prices

  1. It is so sad that so much people are living in poverty and can not afford food. This is very touching youtube video and you do a great job of emphasizing how the music adds a feeling to the video. Food is a basic life necessity that should be available for everyone. It really sadness me that human beings are out there starving and are dying because of that. This is a great article and a great youtube video too!!

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