Lil Wayne – How to love

My friend sent me a link to this music video called “How To Love” and i was instantly captured by the depressing scene right from the start – a woman who rejects abortion in the surgery room. What i like about this video is that it is inspiring and instills hope in women’s life when they are in despair. One can still be happy and blissful even if they have made grave mistakes in their life, as long as they dont give up and strive to be better, and most importantly, learn from their mistakes.

I think that media in this case has been utilised in a positive way. An inspiring and life-changing message conveyed through an interesting and captivating storyline. In today’s music, it is hard to come by a song with meaningful messages and a nice and catchy tune.The storyline is also realistic, not a rare sight in today’s world.

I am impressed by the message it delivers successfully. One decision will change one’s life, and the life of the ones around them drastically. Like the mother featured in the video, if she decided not to pick herself up and look on the bright side of life, she would have ruined her daughter’s life indirectly to a great extent. But because she did not allow herself to live in self-pity and misery she married a decent man and provided a good environment for her daughter. Because of her decision to live life right, the daughter was able to grow up in a healthy environment where she was a happy person with good outlooks on life. And the effects of a wrong decision can pass on to the next generation and then to the next generation if no one decides to stop it.

It is a meaningful song and the music video complements it making it embedded in my heart. Isn’t this how music should be? Compared to the modern music which has no real meaning to it, this song and music video is gem. I was surprised a singer like Lil Wayne is able to come up with such a heart-warming and encouraging song. This is the type of music i would like to hear more of in the future. I hope there’ll be one day where meangingful catchy tunes will be the ‘in’ thing again.

Enjoy the music!


2 thoughts on “Lil Wayne – How to love

  1. These are the songs that should be marketed globally. Not songs that teach us the days of the week, or how to wear jeans.

    The society now focuses too much on teen idols and pretty faces that they forget that the essence of a song is not the face that sells it, but the meaning that the song is trying to put across. Many songs out there have similar messages but people don’t pay attention to its lyrics. Songs like “B-e-a-utiful” by Megan Nicole and “Pretty Eyes” by Alex Goot talk about love and simplicity. However, you might not have heard about them purely because these are youtube stars, with original songs, who have not been signed to a record label and are not popular globally yet.

    Therefore I urge people to listen to songs that actually have meaning and not just go with the flow and suffer from things like beiber fever.

  2. Hi ! Just watched the “how to love” vid by lil wayne. The girl who grew up from a broken family ended up as a bar top dancer and sleep around with men to earn money because she doesn’t know how to love, then the girl who grew up from a happier environment ended up appreciating the people around her and she knows how to love. I have to agree with you how this video delivers the message successfully.

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